The Cranes

The crane sculptures are hand-made, numbered and unique pieces. They are operated with small light bulbs or LEDs using low voltage. I fold the cranes out of strong and water-resistant material which is optically similar to Japanese paper. The cranes vary in size between 18 and 80 cm.

How can I order a crane?

Are you intending to give away a luminous crane to a friend or buy one for yourself? I ship the cranes world wide.

You are invited to see the cranes in my studio in Potsdam. Alternatively I can show you the cranes via Skype or Zoom. I am also happy to answer your questions via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

A selection of cranes currently for sale

Prices include VAT but do not include the cost of shipping.
Depending on their size, the cranes on wooden bases cost between €175 and €340.

No. 80/1000 (sample picture)

cherry wood
height: 53.5 cm

price: 340 Euros

No. 116/1000 Sold

plum wood
light bulb 1.8 W
height: 25.5 cm

price: 185 Euros

No. 128/1000

smoked oak
LED 0.5 W
height: 38 cm

price: 245 Euros

No. 129/1000 Verkauft

walnut wood
light bulb 1.8 W
height: 32 cm

price: 225 Euros

No. 131/1000

walnut wood
LED 0.5 W
height: 36.5 cm

price: 245 Euros

Hanging Crane

(sample image)

LED 1.4 W
textile cable
length: ca. 65-80 cm
height: ca. 42-52 cm

price: 135-155 Euros

How I build the cranes

The crane sits on a copper pipe. The base is made out of finely sanded fruitwood or softwood. All materials that I use have a living quality to them and will change color over time.

A selection of wood types used:

plum - yew - pear - apple - cherry - walnut